Kids Gazette Cooking Series December

Year three of Kids Gazette Cooking Series will provide a variety of easy, healthy recipes that will sharpen skillsets such as reading comprehension, units of measure, and more. Every episode will include a recipe and theme, connecting viewers to family-friendly opportunities around Eastern Iowa. Past themes have included kids coding, family literacy day, and agriculture/life on a family farm.

Sales Sheet: Kids Cooking Series

Pints and Politics December

Pints and Politics is a year-round gathering featuring The Gazette, Iowa Public Radio and special guests from across the state across all party lines. National, state and local issues are covered, with opportunities to zone in on the latest headlines. P&P attendees participate in audience polls, submit questions and enjoy time with some of their favorite reporters, columnists and talk show hosts! Average attendance is 90-125 per event.

Sales Sheet: Pints & Politics